PVC Pipe Sprinkler, take one…TOTAL FAIL

Have you ever seen something so ghetto rigged? I think it even is an embarrassment to rednecks…And don’t even think of climbing up on that duct taped ladder…it sure will fall on you.

I got this great idea to make a sprinkler out of PVC pipes.  I had seen one on a blog I’d read the other day and thought I could make one better then theirs.  They had just basically put a pipe on top of a basketball goal and let it drip.

Um, yeah.

NO.  I couldn’t make one.

But the boys still had a fun time “building” it and playing in the water anyway.  I am sure the neighbors thought it was hilarious to see us working to build this red neck sprinkler and they probably wondered what was wrong with our “regular” sprinkler that the boys have used in the past.
And tomorrow, we will buy one more PVC pipe so we can try again with a lot more streamline sprinkler made by the boys.

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