National Pi Day…is that really a thing?

Phototastic-3_14_2016_37b990f5-6d66-4dd4-addc-e58da968e066Last year, for “Pi Day”, Brennan and Jackson were determined to memorize Pi.  They did not succeed, but they did get farther then I ever did.  (3.14 vs. their maybe ten digits more …click here for one million digits: )
This year, we are in a new land, with new friends, and new expectations.  This year our newer then us neighbors invited us over to celebrate March 14 (aka Pi Day 3.14) with PIE.  Being the smartie pants that Brennan is, he suggested getting oatmeal cream PIE for our contribution.  Me, being the lazy person I can be some days, thought this was a great idea.  Mini Moon PIES finish off the oh so fancy look of the silver platter.

Different doesn’t mean bad.  Different just means not the same as what you have done in the past.  And for me….I think this different is going to be SO tasty!


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