Happy Birthday to ME! #jessturns35

6tag_030115-115454   My birthday is always sort of a build up/let down sort of thing.  I get very excited about it in my mind, and then BAM, it comes and goes and it’s like not a big deal at all.

This year was different…this year was great!

First off…scrapbooking with Diana!  I’ve always tried to scrapbook sometime in the month of December…since moving to Omaha, I’ve become friends with a group of ladies where several of us have December birthdays, so we generally get together at some point in the month.
Diana and I wanted to spend some one-on-one time together, so we chose to scrapbook ALL day at Busy Scrappin’ to celebrate OUR birthdays.  I had a great time and enjoyed spending time with Diana…I am SO grateful we served in the Benson Ward Primary Presidency all those years ago!  She’s such a good friend, even if I don’t get to see her as often as I’d like.


Next up, to celebrate my birthday (and see the boys), my brother and sister in law came to town for a few days!  They live in Arkansas, so it is not toooo long of a trip.
Jess brought crafts from a store in her mom’s town in Idaho…LOVE THEM!
The boys enjoyed painting with us as we created masterpieces.  That was fun…but also slightly annoying as I do not like messiness with crafting. 🙂

Mine!  CUPCAKES!  The middle block has metallic paper AND glitter sides…I am in love!

On 12/31, Jess and I went to see ANNIE!  I LOVED IT!  We’d been planning on doing this for about as long as I’ve known they were remaking the movie.  I think I like the new version more then the original…but that’s just me.
(Waiting for the movie to start…we are pretty awesome!)

I am grateful Heavenly Father linked up Jess and Justin…because apparently Jess thought Justin was a dud at first…now she thinks he’s a DUDE!

After Annie, we went home and took a nap…I LOVE BIRTHDAY NAPS!
After that…well, let’s say I struck out.  I thought going to eat at Texas Roadhouse at 5 on 12/31 would be no big deal…um, yeah…an hour and a half later, we left and went to Freddy’s for burgers, fries, and custard.  They even gave me a free custard blizzard!
The funny thing is…when Bart was hounding me about picking a place to eat, I kept thinking, “We should just go to Freddy’s b/c it won’t be crowded and it will be fast.”…next time I will listen to myself.

One of my cousins, Xuan, is in town for a few months while her husband does some work here…they were able to come with us to supper and come over and craft some more!  Can you ever craft too much?  NO NOT EVER!

To wrap up the night, we toasted the New Year at like 10:37 or something…it was a very random time.  But, I was tired, the boys were tired, Bart was a grump, so we went ahead and did it and then we went to sleep.  Picture is compliments of my selfie stick.  It’s dorky and I don’t care!


We got to spend another day with Justin and Jess, plus see my cousins again…then it was Saturday!  Crissy’s birthday!  We went to Wheatfields for breakfast and then we got manicures.  I have lots of January birthday friends, so we celebrated all our birthdays together.  I am so grateful for these ladies in my life.  Missy, Crissy, and Anna are such wonderful friends and I am blessed to have them in my life.  Each one teaches me different things and helps me want to be a better person.

So, overall, my birthday WEEK was pretty darn good.  Thank you to everyone who sent wishes and cards and love my way.  Turning 35 was great.  I am sure it’s going to be an epic year.



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