Joining the YMCA and a PSA

My family joined the YMCA of Omaha in January.  It’s been going well, with Bart and I working out at least 3 times a week, if not more, plus I am really liking the classes, especially the ones I get to take with Crissy and Missy.  There is a Y just five minutes away, and that is perfect for us.

It’s all been going well.  Ethan likes Y-Care at the SW location on Monday’s while I do War and Bart works out, the big boys get to play in the gym, and then we get to come together for an hour of “family fitness fun” led by Megan MD, an old co-worker of Bart’s who has other ties to our family as well and is now a personal trainer at the Y.  I like that even the boys are involved in fitness.  We’ve been going to the Y on Saturdays to practice swimming with the boys as well.

Everything’s been going great until…the other day. I went to the Y with my girlfriends.  We worked out, had fun, kicked calories butt, probably annoyed the other people there.  I still can only do the stairclimber for 2 minutes, but I know soon enough I will be able to handle that beastily machine for longer.  Well, I walked the stairs and then it was time to change into my regular clothes… and, well…I saw something when I walked into the locker room.  It is burned into my eyes.  Into my soul.  Into my heart.  Haunting me day and night.

I turned the corner of the locker room to the row of locker’s I’d stashed my clothes and coat.  And there.  Before my eyes.  Was a naked old lady.  Like, birthday suit naked.

Now, after the initial shock wore off, I saw she was actually not naked, just had on nude clothed undies and a nude camisole….making her look very much naked to my unsuspecting and weary from the workout eyes.

I am already skittish about changing in front of people…I am self conscious and I’d just as soon change in a bathroom stall then in front of anyone who might walk by, as was happening in front of my face.  Living in a college dorm was a long time ago…I’ve since lost my “I don’t care who sees what ” attitude I had to a adopt living in a dorm with shared hall showers with no locks.

So….I did what any person in shock would do.  I smiled, said hi, kept walking, and did a bunch of stretches in front of the bathroom stalls, stalling….pretending my muscles needed that “cool down”.  When she was finally done, she looked at me and smiled, made some small talk, and then I walked over and quickly threw my jeans on over my workout pants and left like I was on fire.

The moral of this story is…never.ever.ever.ever wear nude colored undies to the gym.  Especially if you are going to be changing in a common area.  There are zebra print, hot pink, tiger striped, messaged undies out there.  Many to choose from, even in granny panty styles that are comfortable for all.  So, please, for the sake of my sanity, please, if you are in the Omaha area and going to be striped down to your bare essentials, please…wear some neon undies so EVERYONE will know you are at least a little dressed and won’t go into the shock I did.  I just want everyone to be happy.  And happiness is not found in the nude panty aisle.


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