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National Pi Day…is that really a thing?

Last year, for “Pi Day”, Brennan and Jackson were determined to memorize Pi.  They did not succeed, but they did get farther then I ever did.  (3.14 vs. their maybe ten digits more …click here for one million digits: reading

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Joining the YMCA and a PSA

My family joined the YMCA of Omaha in January.  It’s been going well, with Bart and I working out at least 3 times a week, if not more, plus I am really liking the classes, especially the ones I get … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday to ME! #jessturns35

   My birthday is always sort of a build up/let down sort of thing.  I get very excited about it in my mind, and then BAM, it comes and goes and it’s like not a big deal at all. This … Continue reading

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Summer Bucket List, Omaha 2014

  We made our summer bucket list…finally.  I love making bucket lists…fun things we hope we can do, but it’s not the end of the world if we don’t do every single thing on the list.  It helps me find … Continue reading

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My birthday…New Years Eve…the whole world celebrates with me! I always like to do something for my birthday, even something little. This year the boys and I got the car washed, rented more Redbox movies then should be legal for … Continue reading

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14 years in the making…

He says he’s asked for it for 14 years. I say it’s only been the past 3. Doesn’t matter who is right…Bart FINALLY has his PBS (Pink Bunny Suit, a la Ralphie of “A Christmas Story”) And he WILL be … Continue reading

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Monster Jam, OMAHA…coming soon!

The boys are going to FLIP when they find out what is coming to Mid America Center in Council Bluffs….  MONSTER JAM! What boy *doesn’t* love BIG LOUD TRUCKS?  Heck ya! I remember when I was younger, about 12…my dad … Continue reading

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