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Dentist and Death

I went to the dentist for filling #3 (the last one.  And I might punch the dentist in his teeth if he ever says I have another.  Man,violence is the theme of this post.)  I buttered the staff up by … Continue reading

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Sunday Showcase: Ladybug Smash Cake

For little Miss Macie! Y’all, she is just about the cutest thing!  I got to hang out with her at the Fremont Splash Station one day and considered sneaking her home with me.  I don’t think her mama would mind, … Continue reading

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Ethan came down to my work room this morning, mouth full of something, holding something in his hand. “Mom!  These cookies are ROTTEN!” he proclaimed.  “They are going to make me SICK!” “What cookies?”  I asked.  “Ethan, we don’t have … Continue reading

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Stacy, Don’t get mad but….

You’re on my blog! And so are some strangers at 5 Guys in Papillion. Scrapbooking, August 18.  So.Much.Fun.  AND…I am now ALMOST 100% finished with my Project 365 album from 2011.  Just a little more work (about 3 hours worth … Continue reading

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A New Discovery And The First Day Of School

I used to think (even up until yesterday, probably even this morning before I dropped the boys off) that I’d not want to return to working away from home once all three boys are in school.  I would stay home … Continue reading

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Sunday Showcase: Hello Kitty Cake

Bart’s co-worker, Hope, was having a palm reader at her party (I am so bummed I missed it, I had a conflict) to celebrate her 29th plus a couple birthday party.  Her sign is Lion (Lebra?  IDK) and she loves … Continue reading

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Those Boys Are So Silly

Below is a word document of funny things the boys said and did while I was at Girls Night Out last Thursday.  It was too funny not to share.  I am thankful I have a thoughtful husband who recorded it … Continue reading

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