Merry Christmas Omaha!

With this being our LAST Christmas in the mid-west, we are trying to do all of our favorite traditions!  We are also trying to cross some winter-based things off our “Omaha Bucket List”.
This weekend we went to Mangelsen’s to see Santa Claus (yes, he has a fake beard, no, I do not care…he’s super nice and I am free to take as many pictures as my scrapbooking, picture addicted heart desires.)  OH…I also found a “selfie stick” while waiting…for just $10 bucks!  Totally bought it so Bart can wrap it for me!  🙂

Santa at Mangelsens, Omaha Christmas

That same day, we were invited to go see our first ever hockey game!  We watched UNO beat St. Cloud at the CenturyLink Center.
It was fun to get to hang out with the Alexanders and see Amber and her cute family, too!  I flinched every time a player hit the wall hard or the puck hit the glass.  Those moments were intense.  There were no fights since it was at the college level.  Oh, well. 😉
first ever hockey game, UNO vs St Cloud

Sunday night was the annual “Living Nativity” at Holy Cross Lutheran Church.  We’ve gone as long as we’ve known about it being an event, so at least 3 or 4 years.  It’s always nice to take a few minutes and not just talk about “The Nativity” but also have some visualization.  It helps the boys envision it a little more, what a baby in a manger would be like, how the Angels sang, etc.  And the possibility of having a live camel maybe, just maybe, spit on the boys…well, that has them excited for days.

Living Nativity

We’ve still got a few more things to do this December before we call our last ever Christmas in Omaha complete:  Drive to see the lights around town, attend the Mormon Gingerbread Display at the Winter Quarters Trail Center, and…we have our fingers and toes crossed…go sledding on Christmas Eve.  Though the forecast does not look good for that tradition to happen one last time.  That one started when Ethan was literally just a few weeks old!

What holiday traditions do you have that are location related?  Obviously some traditions can be done no matter the location, but some are dependent on your location.


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