Sunday Showcase: Hot Pink and Zebra Birthday Cake

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Let me tell you…I am IN LOVE with this cake.  It was so amazing.  I mean, hot pink, zebra stripes, “quilted” fondant, funky gumpaste flowers…what’s not to love?

It is based on a picture Ashley found and wanted to have for her daughters joint birthday party…I am so happy and honored she asked me to make it.

I especially loved the smash cake…simple but adorable.  The flower was not attached so it was easily pulled off for Ms. B to dig in.

I love the funky gumpaste flower.  I’m not a flower maker…I have no skills in that department, but this one was easy!  All I did was take 4 sizes of cookie cutters, cut thin circles of gumpaste, use this fat rolling pin that is totally round to frilly up the edges, then lay them all upside down on various curved objects to dry over night.  The next morning I used gum glue to stack and attach them and I used a “blackberry gummy” candy as the center.  LOVE them!  I almost cried when I dropped one and it shattered…that is the downside of working with gumpaste.

I sure hope the girls had a great birthday party.  Their mama told me all the fun things she had in store and all the amazing things she’d bought/made/created for the party…it’s going to be fantastic!



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