First Day of School, 2014

IMG_5804Ethan started kindergarten this year.  On Tuesday, we had pretty much an EPIC summer of fun to celebrate…and let me spend LOTS of time with the boys before they all went away.  Then Wednesday, they were left in the capable hands of teachers, new and old.

Today is Thursday, so I’ve only had a little time to see how it feels to be kid-less and at home.  (This post written on two different dates)

I won’t lie…it’s a little lonely.  BUT…I have had some great friends who have helped me adjust, as they adjust, too!  This pic was the day we all dropped our babies off at kindergarten!

However, I am sure I will soon no longer miss them in the quiet moments of lunchtime and while driving.  I mean, not one person vetoed any songs I listened to on the way to Applebee’s for lunch with girlfriends today.  Crazy.

So, Ethan started school…he’s a child who needs a schedule, which hasn’t always happened this summer, so he’s had good days and bad.  He also needs sleep.  And regular feedings (read:  if he’s grumpy, he is either tired or hungry).  He is a big boy, pretty tall…and probably one of the tallest in his class.  He’s so ready for school to start, but then he would have moments of worry or fear that would just break my heart.  However, having two older brothers, he’s been waiting for his first day of school since the womb, often asking when HE got to go to the BIG school. 😉

***Finally finishing this post on Saturday night***

So, Ethan has attended school for THREE whole days.  He is loving it, though I worry he will become the class tattle tail.  Each day as soon as he sees me, he reports how many students got a red or yellow light.  He is very proud of his green lights (good behavior), and I just pray his pride will be enough to keep him well behaved…he only had one “incident” in preschool that was reported to us…so maybe he is a much better child away from home…really, though, Ethan has grown up and matured so much this past year.  And for that I am grateful!

And now…adjusting to life at home without any littles.  I do babysit Harper some, so that is fun, but I think it will be nice to do some craft fair work while the sun is still actually up!  It’s weird how quickly time seems to have flown by…wasn’t Ethan just a FAT BABY in my belly?  I have a lot of thoughts about this, but I’ve stretched this post out too long, so I will organize all of that at a later date.


Jack is in third grade, Mrs. Bressman is his teacher.  He is such an easy going kid, he’d do great with any teacher.  He was mostly disappointed Alaina is not in his class this year. They’ve been classmates and friends since K.

Brennan is at Davis Middle School.  He has to ride a bus, which makes Bart VERY nervous, but I don’t mind…I rode a bus my whole life!  He seems to like it, but he knows very few people (he transferred there, it is not his “home” middle school) so it’s going to take some time to make friends.  He seems willing to jump in and try new things, though…he’s got a list a mile long of clubs he wants to join and activities he wants to participate in.  🙂


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