boys fishing

While we were visiting Louisiana this summer, the boys got to go fishing with Papa Jeff and Bart.  They were so excited to catch all those fish!
They fished in a private lake owned by one of my cousins and apparently it was a very picturesque southern setting, complete with alligators in the pond and bald cypress trees all around.  (Or so I was told/saw in pictures, I was working at the bakery this day!)

I am so grateful to have a father who wants to do things with the boys.  The boys are still talking about this fishing trip and what they want to try/do differently next time…Papa Jeff and Bart beware!  Their plans are BIG.  That alligator might just get reeled in this time! (Yes, Bart caught an ALLIGATOR!  Not on purpose, and it got away, but still!  Crazy!)  I don’t know how accurate their plans are, but I can say this:  Alligator sausage is amazing. 🙂



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