The Yellow Slide

Alternately titled, “Another sure sign my baby is growing up”

We’ve gone to Fremont Splash Station at least once a summer for the past two or three summers.  It’s only about an half hour drive from my house and it’s not too expensive and provides some cool summer fun for the boys.

Every year Ethan, our daring boy, has been so sad he can’t ride on the BIG slides.  But this year…he measured in at about 48 1/8 inches tall, JUST tall enough to ride the slide.  He was so excited.

When we got home that afternoon, he could hardly stop talking about riding the slide.  He has said no less then 150,234 times “Today was THE BEST day of my life.  I am serious you guys.”

But…to me, it’s just another sure sign that my little guy is growing up.  Kindergarten is just a few days away and we all know once elementary school starts, there is no looking back!


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