Summer Bucket List, Omaha 2014


We made our summer bucket list…finally.  I love making bucket lists…fun things we hope we can do, but it’s not the end of the world if we don’t do every single thing on the list.  It helps me find fun (and often FREE) things to do and gives us a chance to actually DO them, not just talk about them.  It allows us to express our dreams for summer and turn some of them into a reality.  Sometimes it allows us to do things we’d other wise not plan or save for.

This year it started with a trip to the Omaha Public Library…and finding lots of fun (and free!) events the boys wanted to participate in…we’ve done bucket lists in the past, but this is the first year the boys really had a lot of input into it.  The Omaha Library System has really done a nice job of creating activities for a wide age range of people with a wide interest level.  This year’s summer theme is science based, so the boys are in heaven with some of the upcoming events.  Either check out their website or visit your local library to get a copy of the booklet you see Brenna poring over.  You can also find them on twitter, instagram, facebook,  and more, but those are the ones I follow along on…

Yesterday we had our annual “first day of summer vacation” adventure:  a trip to Linoma Beach with friends from the neighborhood….the boys have added a return trip to our list, along with other things that weren’t on it at first (see Bart’s note about Worlds of Fun, the boys adding FRO YO, and I edited to add the lake).

Today we visited a new park, Elmwood.  Elmwood Park is off of 72/Pacific (basically) and is really great.  LOTS of tables, LOTS of shade trees, and 3 different areas to play:  A mind game (really cool!), exercise equipment, and a sandy traditional park.  The boys really enjoyed it and look forward to returning….however, we’ve got 5 more parks to play at before we can repeat!

So, here’s to hoping summer goes well for all who read this blog!  We just yesterday got a new air conditioner, so our summer is starting out nice and COOL.

I hope to blog about some of our bucket list adventures…we shall see how that goes.  First I need to tell all about our trip to Legoland Discovery Center and the Sealife Aquarium in Kansas City…I hope to finish that up by this coming week.

For lots of free/cheap things to do Omaha, check out Family Fun In Omaha.

If you have a summer bucket list, feel free to link your list in a comment!


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2 Responses to Summer Bucket List, Omaha 2014

  1. We’re sure your boys will love all the science-themed events at OPL during Summer Reading Program; how cool to be a part of you bucket list! Looking forward to all your posts this summer.

  2. I love the idea of a summer bucket list with your kiddos. How great! Have fun! 🙂

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