Getting Old

I am getting so old…I now have a middle schooler!

from Easter

It seems like just yesterday he was starting preschool…my how time flies when you are having fun.


First day of preschool


I am so grateful for the wonderful teachers and staff at Dodge Elementary.  They have really helped Brennan bloom.  He’s had his ups and downs (who doesn’t?) but he’s been able to overcome them and become smarter and stronger from them.  If there was ever an issue, a phone call, quick email, or chat at pick up after school helped lead to resolution.
I truly feel Brennan’s teachers have loved him and given him all they could to help him succeed….here’s to hoping Davis Middle School can do the same.  I know middle school is hard.  Heck, I taught middle school!  I’ve been there.  I’ve seen how mean kids can be to each other over such small and petty things.  I pray that Brennan has learned from us that he is bigger then mean kids and all the drama that surrounds them.

I am a little worried…I remember the second half of my sixth grade year…the kids at Lincoln Road Sixth Grade Center (in Alexandria, LA, you went to centers for sixth grade…see, they were smart, they know it’s a sucky year so they group those kids together so they can just get by together) were MEAN.  I was a new girl, only there for the second semester then we’d be moving again.  I was smart, and apparently a few girls didn’t like that.  They did everything they could to be mean to me.  Knocking my books onto the ground, setting me up for failure on projects.  I just remember the mean mean girls.  There were a few nice ones, too…and I specifically remember my first crush (Jacob Chory).  So, it wasn’t all doom and gloom, but still, sixth grade has been a year that makes me nervous.  I hope that Brennan can forgo some of the awkwardness that is middle school and come out of it strong and smart and better for the war wounds of middle school.

So…if any of you have any advice from the trenches of middle school, please feel free to share here.  🙂


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