Monster Jam in Lincoln, NE recap

We had a BLAST at Monster Jam this past April!  The boys and I already knew what expect, since we’d gone to one in January, but Bart had not been able to attend that time.  He was a bit nervous it was going to be Redneck City.  While it was a little bit country, it was a lot of awesome, too, and that totally overshadowed the little bit country part.  He pulled his cell out and was snapping a ton of pictures and texting them to his brother, that is how into the show he was.

But, before I get into the show, let me tell you about the pit party.  I was a bit unsure of what the “pit party” was going to be.  I had a general idea from reading some blogs and the description online, but I was sort of hoping for a pinata and balloons. 😉

So, the pit party is lots of long lines for the most popular trucks/drivers (we didn’t even ask the boys if they wanted to get in line for Grave Digger!) and lots of shorter lines for the other truck drivers.  At the end of each line is a Monster Jam truck driver, signing autographs and posing for pictures.  Had I had the foresight, I would have made some sort of cool scrapbook page for them to sign.  However, I didn’t…so, Brennan got the smart idea of having the drivers sign his ticket.  AWESOME idea!  He did run out of room, but that’s okay.  (Programs sold there are a great idea…but we didn’t buy a program til intermission of the show!)Monster MuttIt was really, really cool to see just HOW BIG the trucks are up close!  You could touch them!
We also met one of the drivers of the 4 wheelers who does lots of mini race between competitions.  He was really friendly (all the Monster Jam people were) and he and I chatted about how he has a “real” job and then flies out on Thursday nights to participate in Monster Jam on the weekends.  He’s been all over the world, even to Middle Easter countries, and that is just so neat to me.  Ethan decided he wanted to be a 4 wheel driver when he grows up…too bad he’ll have to have a “real” job as well. 😉

There is about an hour delay between the end of the pit party and the start of the actual event.  I was worried the boys would grow restless, but that was not the case…there was entertainment, announcements, and more during that hour.  So, if you are going to a Monster Jam event, I suggest getting there when the doors open to really enjoy the full show.Monster JamThe trucks look so tiny, when you are sitting all the way across a large arena and high up!  The are really so HUGE!


mohawk warriorThe event was really cool.  Lots of flying cars, lots of near crashes, and lots of clapping and fun for all.

If you do go, bring earplugs.  You’ll thank me later.

IMG_5368See Jack’s hunter’s earplugs? Worked great!  I have no idea why he looks bored…I think it was during intermission.

IMG_5338So, if you have little (or big) boys (OR GIRLS!) who love BIG trucks, and hear this event is coming to an arena near you, GO!  It is so much fun.  The boys still talk about it and Ethan is now obsessed.  We record the Monster Jam show Sundays at 2 on Fox 1 (We learned about this show during the pre-show), he found all 3 Monster Jam trucks we got at Christmas from Aunt Sue, plus he has gotten two more.



Disclosure:  I am a Moms Connect member of US Family Guide, and in exchange for my participation in sharing information, discount offers, reviews, and giveaways for family-friendly attractions, US Family Guide has provided passes for my family. 


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