Cub Scout Pine Wood Derby

Y’all…I had to make a car for the pine wood derby.  This is my *least* favorite Cub Scouting event by far.  I do not like a single thing about it.

This year, however…Brennan did win, so that’s something new.  Usually he comes in last place.

Usually he is very low placing and leaves sad about the whole thing!  That’s just another reason I am not a fan of this event.  I also don’t have woodworking skills so I can’t help make super fast cars, we have to depend on whoever offers to cut basic designs for the boys.



MY CAR had FEATHERS.  Totally illegal, but whatever…it was a church event and the leaders weren’t actually competing to win, so who cares?  🙂

pinewood derby car with feathers, girl pine wood derby carSee, feathers!  And glitter paint!  And gems!  So beadazzled!


So, Pinewood Derby was fun because we got to interact with the kids, instead of just watching and being SUPER bored, but still, by the end of the night, I was ready to G.O.


3 Pine Wood Derbies down…..5?  6? more to go…..


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