Girls Night Out sponsored by Midtown Crossing

I attended a girls night out at Midtown Crossings Glo Lounge last Wednesday.  As a blogger, you get some unique opportunities to do things that you might not normally do.

Mannequin from The Ugly Sister… the whole store is as fun as this things face!

This was one of those times.

In order to drum up interest and support of this new program(which I think is going to be SO fun, especially because there are chances to win gift cards!  And usually some form of food is involved, so it’s like a total win for me!), Midtown Crossing is inviting a few bloggers to participate in each event, promote it, etc.

This is all good and great and exactly what us bloggers love doing…this particular event, however, was a little different from other events.  There was already a psychic who did mini readings for the ladies and next event sounds so fun! See info here:
“Hot Off the Pan”: Simple 30 Minute Meals from Pantry to Plate
Thursday, April 10
30 minute sessions beginning at 6:30 p.m. and 7 p.m.
Guided, educational tasting for a complete meal, including samples of appetizer, entree and dessert
Reservations required by emailing:
If the first two sessions fill up, additional sessions may be added.

So…what event did I get to participate in?  A fashion show!  Sounds fun, right?  RIGHT!  I was all gung-ho about it!  Then I learned that I would be one of the ones IN the fashion show!  I got so nervous!  i wanted to back out, tell them they had the WRONG blogger, etc, etc.  But, the chance to get to try on fun clothes I might not otherwise have ever even thought to try won out.  It *was* fun getting to go “shop” at The Ugly Sister and pick an outfit to wear in the show.  It was not fun to actually have to walk in front of total strangers as they stared at you.
Let me take a second and tell you The Ugly Sister Boutique…it is FUN.  The owner is so fun and spunky.  She has an eclectic style and it shows in her merchandise.  Her employee, Tabitha, is as sweet as can be and so helpful.  She really did a nice job of helping me feel more confident as I spent time with her trying outfits on and checking out the goods.  Tabitha told me Judy (and my gosh, if the owner’s name is not Judy, I am forever embarrassed, but I thought it was!) MAKES a  lot of the jewelry in the shop!  I love that!  I love supporting local crafts people!  I can’t wait until I have a good reason to go shop in her store.  🙂

So…here’s what I learned from this event.

1.  I can handle going into a room full of strangers and striking up a conversation with some of them to pass the time and get to know them.  Danielle, Ashley, and Jordan, it was nice to meet you in person!

2.  I need to be careful when asking to order a “Dr. Pepper” at a bar…they don’t have the fizzy carbonated stuff on tap, nope…but they do have a martini called the Dr. Pepper…(P.S. I have not had Dr. P in a long time, I’ve tried to avoid caffeine, so I guess that is the universe’s way of saying, haha…you should keep avoiding it for a little longer.)

3.  My butt looks GOOD in these jeans:   (AND they might still be 50% off as they make room for spring and summer goods!)

4.  While I like to be a “leader” and boss people around, be in control of a room as a teacher,  have the limelight on me in relation to being bossypants or silly, etc, etc…I do not like to have everyone staring at me just to look at what I am wearing.  I felt so out of place and uncomfortable, like they were judging every blemish, fat roll, and mole on my body.  While deep down I know that is not true, I was so out of my comfort zone.  BUT…I did it.  I did not back down, even when I learned more details of the event.  And because of that, I met a few amazing women and had a nice time…even scored a few girl scout cookies. 🙂

Don’t let Danielle’s face fool you, she did an awesome job! My fatty face fear is all real!

So, I do hope to go to a girls night out at Midtown Crossings in the future…with a few of my girlfriends this time!  I am glad I got to go and meet a few facebook/blogger associates in real life, that is always lots of fun!  I am also glad I got to meet Judy and Tabitha at The Ugly Sister.  If you are looking for some fun jewelry, unique/trendy outfits (in a ton of sizes!), or just a fun gift, check them out in Midtown Crossing, same side of the street as Glo Lounge/the movie theater!

I’ll never kiss and tell, but I will share a pic with the world!


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One Response to Girls Night Out sponsored by Midtown Crossing

  1. Robyn R says:

    Love it. You are so fun and full of spunk, too. You looked amazing and don’t ever think less of yourself! Looking forward to my night out!

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