They grow up so fast…

I found an old picture and shared on facebook for #tbt (throw back thursday, where we share an old picture we love).  It’s got me thinking about how adorable my little guys were not so long ago…did I appreciate that stage they were in when they were in it?  I like to think so, but I bet the day to day hard things were just that…hard.

The #tbt picture was of my boys and my nieces just a few years ago….they were so cute, and tiny…innocent, and look at Brenna’s spiky hair!  Awwwww.  Feb. 2010

tbtNow they are competitive (these boys of mine want everything to have a winner, winner chicken dinner!), smart, funny, silly, they even all wipe their own butts, something we can’t boast about in that #tbt pic…but it seems like they were JUST babies, like yesterday!  I know it was four years ago, but shesh, I remember that trip to Louisiana for Mardi Gras…Bart had a business trip so we drove down to see the family…wasn’t it just a month or two ago?  Not four whole years…

(Most recent picture, 12/2o13, all the kids, plus all the fam-bam).

Sometimes I really struggle with this whole “my kids are growing up…every day closer to leaving me then staying my little snuggle buddy”.  It breaks my heart at what I am losing, but at the same time, excites me to think of the future…wondering…what will the teenage years bring?  Who will these boys of mine date?  Fall in love with?  Marry?  Do for employment?  How will the things we try to teach them at home fall into place as they become more and more responsible for their own actions?

So, as we prepare for Ethan to start kindergarten in the fall…prepare yourselves to read more about “WHERE DID MY BABIES GO?” posts. 🙂  Because I don’t know how time has flown so quickly from my boys being tiny (well, Ethan, not so much) babes to big boys, learning to take care of their own problems and needing me less and less every day.

boys grow up




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