Needs an upgrade…

When driving to the Omaha Zoo on Presidents Day, Ethan (age 5) informed me that he no longer liked the Omaha Zoo.  He told me it is just too too boring and that it needs some new upgrades.

Funny, since the zoo has been rated #1 in several polls and has the world’s largest nocturnal exhibit, the world’s largest indoor rainforest, and several other “world’s largest” attractions…I guess it is just not enough for my thrill seeking big city boy.

While in the desert dome there was a detour because of construction.  Ethan asked what the sign said.  Brennan told him, “It says, Closed for upgrades because Ethan thought the zoo wasn’t cool enough“.

Ethan was quite impressed that his request had been granted. 🙂

Seriously, though…if you ever are near enough, visit the Omaha Zoo…it’s pretty amazing, whether for a quick 3 hour tour as we did Monday or a full day spent exploring all that there is to see.  To be honest, I am pretty sure I have not seen everything there is to see at the zoo yet…and I’ve been visiting since 2007.


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One Response to Needs an upgrade…

  1. Kim says:

    Funny kid! You’re right, our zoo is amazing, I can’t imagine a kid being bored there.

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