Sid the Science Kid Live! at the Orpheum in Omaha

Ethan and I got to go see “Sid the Science Kid Live!” last Thursday.  It was a really fun Mommy and Me date…I’d never been to the Orpheum before, so I was excited to check it out….Let me tell you, the inside of the theater is beautiful!  Below is a pic of Ethan holding his “Louie the Balloon Dog” (there was a “kid zone” with a face painter, balloon artist, and coloring pages) in the theater, but I didn’t get a very good shot.  The decor is just luscious and I loved it.

Ethan was so excited to see the show.  He’d never been to a play type show before, so he did not know what to expect…once it started he was mesmerized.  He really got into it, doing all the things the characters wanted the audience to do, repeating information, etc.  It was really cute to see.

After the show, Ethan was just BURSTING to tell his brothers about the SIX senses (sight, sound, smell, touch, taste, and IMAGINATION!)…he had to call them on the cell phone to brag about what he learned as we drove home, gotta love sibling love. 🙂  He also asked me to write down the senses so he could share it with his preschool class the next day.
Teacher MaryKay said he did a great job sharing the senses and giving a brief overview of the play.

So…if you happen to be in an area where Sid the Science Kid LIVE! is coming…think about going.  I think kids ages 3-5 would LOVE it!  I liked it because it wasn’t just a show to fill time…it actually taught them something!  I call that winning!

I am so glad I got to go on a Mommy and Me date with Ethan…it’s easy to overlook because I am with him so much, but having this special time for just the two of us really was nice.  I am trying to go on a date with each child once a quarter this year.  I figured I would fail fast if I set my goal as once a month, but I think I can handle once every three months, esp. if I am flexible and sometimes call our date sneaking out to get ice cream after bedtime or something fun and out of the ordinary like that.

Disclosure: Compensation and prize from first post provided by Omaha Performing Arts. However, all opinions expressed are mine.


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One Response to Sid the Science Kid Live! at the Orpheum in Omaha

  1. Kim says:

    I love that he had to call his brothers to tell them about the show AND he shared it with his preschool class! What a fun experience for him!

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