LDS Girls Camp Craft Prep

I know it is not a big deal.  I know the ladies actually in charge of the ENTIRE camp have MUCH more then me to prepare.

But…girls camp 2014 crafting time is in full prep mode…it is consuming my thoughts, my dreams, my internet surfing time.

So far I’ve got 2 days planned (I think), have a third day in planning mode with my friend who is coming to be my assistant one of the days…and have no clue on the 4th day.  I want for each day to somehow fit the theme of the day at camp…but it’s kind of going to be a stretch some days to actually have it fit.

It’s fun, though, all this planning and cyber shopping for the best deals and thinking of what the girls would like to do best….I just hope that me, at the age of 34, will be able to channel my inner teen and figure out things they will like!


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Boy Crazy, Cake Baker, LSU loving, LDS blogging Mama!
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