McDonald’s Toys Trump Raising Canes Fresh Never Frozen Fingers (we are in an alternate universe now people)

I thought Jackson picked McDonald’s over Raising Canes or any other “fine” dining that he could choose (his choice, whatever he wanted on our little date) because of its fine dining experience and exceptionally healthy food choices.  I mean APPLES and FRIES, whoa, man that is so amazing!

Nope…little stinker wanted McDonald’s (which he later admitted is NOT his favorite) so he could get the TOY…Darn you “Adventure Time” and your Happy Meal toys this week.

At least the oatmeal raisin cookie I got was yummy (3/$1!)

It was nice to have a lunch date with just my middle child yesterday (not today, boy howdy, if I ever recover, the story of today is wild I tell you!) and no one else.  It’s important to do things one on one with each boy, even if it is a little tricky since most of the time I have my side kick, Ethan, with me.  He starts school next year, so maybe mom and me dates can be a bit more frequent?  We will see….


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