Monster Jam, Mid America Center

Monster Jam, Mid America Center

I wasn’t sure how I’d like Monster Jam….turns out the boys and I all LOVED it!
We’d go again, that is for sure…if you missed out going to Council Bluffs this weekend, I think they said they are coming to Lincoln in the spring…totally worth it. The boys have NOT stopped talking about it.

Jack’s favorite part was when El Toro Loco flipped onto it’s side.   That part freaked me out a little for a second, but I guess the trucks are designed for that impact and the driver was fine…heck, he won the wheelie contest he was competing in, so I guess he did alright.

Brennan’s least favorite part was the smart car with a jet engine.  The engine was like half the size of the whole car!  I liked that part, as the HUGE flames it shot out of the engine helped warm us up.  It was cold in the MAC, to help with the exhaust, is what I heard.

My favorite part was seeing these HUGE trucks FLY through the air doing wheelies.  It made my tummy flutter with excitement.  I loved it!  I also loved their color scheme, Geaux Monster Trucks (and LSU!)

I was worried it’d be too loud for the boys (they are wimps in the noise department), but some simple orange earplugs from the hunting section of Walmart worked great (ddp 32 or something…I even used them and was surprised how well they worked).  The boys did not complain once about the noise!  So, be sure to grab some good earplugs before you go!

Click here to see if Monster Jam is coming to an arena near you.



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