14 years in the making…

He says he’s asked for it for 14 years.

I say it’s only been the past 3.

Doesn’t matter who is right…Bart FINALLY has his PBS (Pink Bunny Suit, a la Ralphie of “A Christmas Story”)

And he WILL be wearing it to work tomorrow!


Below is the letter he drafted, sent to a zillion people, and asked them all to sign and email to me.  A petition for PBS.  Since this silliness started (3 years ago), I’ve gotten emails from 10’s of co-workers (haha, not 100’s, but way more then 10 or 20 total) friends, relatives, etc.  He’s also made some movies (I need to find the link, they are hilarious!), sent emails, and made a comic, all telling me WHY I needed to *make* (not buy) a PBS.

Enjoy it Bartie!  You’ll be wearing it for Christmas every year for the next 14 years.


Dearest Jessica R,

             Let me start out by quoting one of the greatest musical acts of all time…”Quit playing games with my heart.”  Or more appropriately, “quit playing games with my Bart.”

                You knew this day was coming.  This year, it comes earlier as we plan on staging some protests on your front lawn – an idea our movement has appropriately titled “Lawn On 2013 – Quest for the PBS.”

                Bart has kept us abreast on the goings on in your home.  It absolutely disgusts me that you would allow a dog to sleep on the pink bunny suit material.  That’s like making a starving man in the desert sit outside of some type of weird, desert restaurant full of ceiling fans and chairs made out of ice to watch you eat a steak, baked potato, cheesecake and ice cream while drinking all of the ice cold water you want.

                Please, for the love of Pete (I’m guessing that means Pete Rose, as I don’t know a lot of other famous Petes…maybe the pumpkin eater but I doubt it), would you make Bart this suit?  We would all appreciate it so much, although we do admire the artistic flair of your husband.  His talents are unparalleled and world renowned.  Seriously, what a CATCH!

                In closing, we know you’re a wonderful, giving person.  Make this special Christmas wish come true.  Bart doesn’t have a magic well to wish into (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_-MwAr5wJD4) but he’s never lost faith in the wonderfulness you provide, and is still confident that you will come through for him.  Do it for the dwarves.


Christina (A Co worker)


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