Growing up…but still little enough

My babies, 2009

Just a few years ago, my baby fit into a onesie, my biggest boy had just lost his first tooth, and the middle child was one of the world’s most clumsy kids.

Some things haven’t changed…Jack still does the most random things to get hurt (school called, he fell out of his chair and hit his head just the other day).  Brennan is missing a tooth (probably one of his last baby teeth to go), and Ethan…well, that boy hasn’t fit in a onesie pretty much since the day this picture was taken. 😉

But, some things have changed…and I’m okay with that.  Ethan is (usually) a much easier child to deal with then he was.  “Fat Baby” doesn’t fit him anymore, even though he is tall and a little “stout”.  Brennan would rather die then be caught in matching shirts with his brothers (wait til Christmas Eve, bub!).  And Jack, well, this year…he’s on the fence about Santa Claus, whereas in years past he’s looked at Santa with nothing but stars in his eyes and big wish lists on his heart.

Jack and Ethan…Ethan is wearing Brennan’s shirt from 2009

Brennan, well, he knows the truth, but still loves to “help” the boys continue to believe.  The best part about Brennan knowing the truth…he can move the darn Elf on the Shelf!  We are so awful to remember…we use last night read the story and brought “Self the Elf” into our lives…for just a few days (Santa is coming early this year!).

So. while this might be my last year to have belief outnumber “knowing”…they are still little enough to enjoy the Santa aspect of the season, and for that I am thankful.  We are working on focusing more on Christ this year, but it’s pretty hard to deny the excitement and joy the kids get from giving and getting gifts…so, for now, I will let my boys be little…and believe.

And tomorrow, we will go see Santa Claus, where even Brennan will have to stand by to take a picture with the Jolly Old Fat Man.



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One Response to Growing up…but still little enough

  1. Hubbard says:

    Glad to know Christmas is still fun even though my kids will grow up!

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