This year for Thanksgiving, we were home.

My brother and sister in law drove up from Arkansas to spend the time with us.  The boys are loving it, though Ethan’s been a PITA last night and today…lack of sleep is bringing him down….he’s napping now, hope he’s happy when he wakes up!

We also had some church friends, the Nielson’s, come over…she’s like the Julia Childs of cooking in my eyes, but I think my turkeys and sides turned out fine. 🙂

The boys helped out some with cooking.  Ethan and Brennan helped make “Pink Stuff” and Brennan helped make Miss Mawmaw’s cornbread dressing.  Passing on family traditions is awesome.

This month the boys and I have written down things we are thankful for throughout the month and put them in a little turkey bag we got from Target.  I am putting them all away and next year on Thanksgiving we can read all the things we were thankful for this year.  I think that’ll be kind of fun/neat.

Here are some things I am thankful for right now:  My family and their health.  MS is a scary thing as it is so unpredictable.  I pray for the constant health of my husband.  I am thankful for my new phone/camera.  I love taking pictures and this has been a fun addition to how I am able to do that.  I am learning to be grateful for my calling…the love in my heart for those 5/6 year olds is growing each week.  They are such a great group and I think Bart and I are lucky to get to serve them…I really miss my (only taught twice) Relief Society teacher calling, and I do truly hope I get that calling again, but I will take learning to love these little ones for now.  I’m also thankful for technology.  It allows me to keep in touch with my family, run a small home business, and grow friendships.

I’m also thankful for $1.99 Sonic ice…delivered right to my car along with a Sprite, add cherry…

This one is dedicated to my dad, who also really and truly understands the awesomeness of Sonic Ice.

What are some things you are thankful for?



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