FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL and a new ward

YAY!  The big boys went back to school last Wednesday…it was so quiet with just Ethan and I at home.

2013-08-14 08.44.43

He kept asking me, “Mom, do you miss the boys?” and he was very sad…well, today he was just fine, thank goodness…seeing my littlest guy sad breaks my heart.

Brennan started FIFTH grade and thinks his teacher is way cool b/c he has gone sky diving (I think that was it?).  Jack is in SECOND grade and is taking time to warm up to school, which is weird, b/c he loved school so much.  I think he has some “jet lag” from not getting to sleep in any more.  Ethan will start PRESCHOOL on Monday, 3 mornings a week.  I can’t believe it is almost time to be childless…whatever shall I do?  LOLOL.

In other news, if you are in the Omaha, NE stake, chances are you got a new ward name and group of people.  Check out as they are updating that information and you can find out where you go.  I think it will be a big adjustment for a lot of people, but hopefully we will all come out stronger and closer as brothers and sisters in Christ.   My new ward is called “Tranquility Park Ward”…wonder if that means we will have peace and happiness always?  We will see…..

2013-08-14 08.34.46

Oh, and for those of you wondering…we didn’t do EVERY thing on our bucket list, but we got awfully close…summer as a season isn’t over yet, so we still have time!


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One Response to FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL and a new ward

  1. Juan & Julissa Valderrábano says:

    Hello, We are new to the ward and this was very neat! You have some talent… See you in church!

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