Bowling and Remembering

2013-08-01 10.44.53Every year, on August 1, we pause from the usual work, naptime, clean up daily life and do something as a family.  Some years it is big, like going to the beach or last year King’s Pointe.  This year, it was small.

We just spent the day together, making memories as we went about town, cashing in on Omaha Summer Reading prizes (well, not the bowling…that is and just being together.

The reason we always do this on August 1, is because that is the day dear Ms. Glenda passed away after battling a wicked strong cancer for over half a year.  We know that we can be together again as a family, if we live a life focused on Christ and being kind to others and making wise choices, and relying on the atonement.  Being LDS means to me having a peace about you, if you have that testimony that life does not end with your last breath.

And, because we know Ms. Glenda would not want tears and mourning each year on this day, we do something together as a family, because there was nothing Ms. Glenda loved more then to be with her family.

Bart takes off every year on August 1, rain or shine.  We honor his mother by being a family who is trying hard to do the best we can to fight against all that is out there to suck us up and spit us out.   I like to think Ms. Glenda gets to watch us and see the ways Bart has turned into a great dad and how he honors her by loving his family as fiercely as she loved hers.

I am so thankful for my little family of boys.  They teach me a lot and help me to learn to love with a passion I don’t have about anything else.  They are so amazing (Both my big and little boys!) a strong and an inspiration, if you just sit back and observe.  I thank Heavenly Father daily for the blessing they are in my life.  And I thank Him for Bart, and Ms. Glenda, who raised him to be such a great man and father.


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