How Do Babies Get In There???

2013-06-23 12.57.36

Today as we are driving to the pool, from the back of the car I hear Jackson ask, “Mom, how do you get a baby in your belly?”

I sigh a bit (I liked the song playing on the radio!), wish Bart was along for the ride (I made this his department, since he has man junk and I have a lady garden, he should have to talk about man junk things, right?  Right. 😉 ) and start to answer.

Me:  Well, Jack, a Mom and a Dad come together and they make the baby.  (I didn’t think this trip was the time to get into sperm and eggs and vaginas and penises and the exacts of it all, I mean, it’s not very special if you are yelling across the car.)  It’s pretty cool because the baby grows in there from these tiny cells into a whole person and they get food and everything from an umbilical cord.

Jack:  Okay, well, how do they come out?

Me:  When the baby is ready, the baby is pushed out of its mommy’s lady garden (JUST KIDDING!  I said “Vagina” like a grown up…I think they should know real terms, not just my awesome versions of the real words).

Jack:  YOU PEE A BABY OUT??????  GROSS!  Why can’t they just cut it out?

Me:  Well, that does happen, it’s called a C-Section.  Lots of babies are born that way.

Jack:  Oh.  Alright.

A sigh of relief…I am thinking we can move on.

And then…from the middle row.

Brennan:  Hey, Mom!  You left out the part about the sperm and the eggs!  That’s important!

Me:  Oh, yeah, I guess I just sort of covered that with the “mom and dad come together” part.   Sorry.

Jack: EGGS?  Like a frog?  So a baby grows like a tadpole?  I had a tail?  Cool!

Then we pull into the pool parking lot and eggs and sperm are forgotten until another day and a day of fun is had by all…except for me, because in the back of my mind, I can tell “the talk” is coming sooner for Jackson then it did for Brennan.   Bart doesn’t think he is ready for the big talk, but I think the basics are important…and I guess age 7 years 4 months is a good age to start.

When do you have “The Talk” with your kids?  Brennan was a little over 8 when he got his first “basic” talk.  Shouldn’t he have already passed this knowledge on to the younger kids?  I mean, isn’t that why we have an oldest?  To teach the younger ones the awkward things we don’t want to talk about?  (Actually, it doesn’t really make me too uncomfortable.  I think it’s important for our kids to know about sex…so that the crap they hear their friends talking about isn’t all they know.)

Jack as a baby, just a few months after being “peed” out of my lady garden. 😉


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