This week….a post full of random

We made smores with friends….sure, our pavement is cracked to hell, but we don’t let that hold us back.  We would not be us if our house (inside or out) was anything less then UNperfection.  Heck, we even told them to BYOTC (Bring your own tent chairs).  None of that mattered…we had a great night chatting with our oldest friends in Omaha.

The littles and I enjoyed FREE Krispy Kreme donuts for national doughnut day.  Yum.

We learned that the little boys have officially graduated from the awful trucks attached to the front of shopping baskets.  Yay!  I do NOT like those things.  I mean, as if grocery shopping with three bored boys is not hard  enough, you have to throw this heavy, awkward, hard to steer contraption into the mix.  Usually no one is in it by the time I am done shopping and I look like a moron and feel like my head is going to explode

We went to an outdoor (and free) movie.  It was fun, but we left before it was over because it was getting pretty chilly outside and we were all tired.  Plus, it didn’t start until 9 p.m, and we had to be up very early for Brennan’s summer camp.

We went downtown to get our tickets for the Homerun Derby today!!!!  We are so excited…me, for the fireworks show, the boys for BASEBALL.  LSU is playing Oklahoma as I am typing this so hopefully the boys will get to see them play in person next week at the College World Series!


This week has been sort of random feeling to me.  Brennan has summer camp from 8:30 – 12:15 each day.  It’s a summer camp for smart kids offered through the school system and held about 15 minutes from our house.  It’s not a big deal to get him there, and one day we even got free lunch from the food truck where the radio was broadcasting near the school.  It’s just not my normal schedule and I feel sluggish trying to adjust.
I do think the camp is pretty cool, though.  It’s free, and by invitation only.  You have to have pretty high test scores to get an invite and they are serious about it  The teachers all seem to be really involved and Brennan has come home with neat hands on activities each day.  Next Friday is a showcase day and that should be neat.

Oh, other random bits about this week:  Bart went to the neurologist.  He’s waiting to hear back from his insurance to make sure they will cover this new drug (at $52000 a year, I think we won’t be paying out of pocket!) that is a pill…he might be able to go on a twice a day pill instead of an every other day shot (Betaseron) which he does not love…he has big bruises and bumps from bad shot sites.  😦

My eyes have been KILLING me from seasonal allergies.  One keeps getting very swollen and itchy.  It’s been okay today, but man alive…I sure do miss my mascara!  I feel very naked without it.

And finally….I made some delicious apple roll ups today.  I followed this recipe…mostly.  But…I didn’t have a pizza crust, nor did I want to make one.  So, I used a can of crescent rolls.  I used 4 of them and smashed them together and put the apple goo in the middle, then cut as she said.  The other four rolls I Just put the apple filling in the middle of each and put them in the pan.  I thought I didn’t have butter, so I used some butter spray, sprayed the tops, then sprinkled with the sugar/cinnamon.  Well, then I found the butter, so I put small pats on top of that.This dessert was so so so yummy…Ethan is the only one who didn’t like it, and I think that is more because he’s in a phase were he hates ALL my cooking, but whatever…more for me!!!  I baked mine for about 20 minutes or so, let it set for five.  OH…one more thing…I did not put a glaze on mine.  I’m too lazy and they were great without them!


Happy weekend y’all!  80% chance of rain means we will call it “garage sale day” and find stuff in our house to put in our neighbor’s garage sale this coming weekend.  We are purging ourselves of old winter items, books, etc, etc.  I love a good garage sale, don’t you?


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