Not even kidding


I ate sushi, y’all….well, not sushi-sushi…a plate of LOUISIANA rolls…fried crawfish, onion strings, rice.  A little avocado on top and some make you want to vomit green string goo in the middle…if that had not been in there it’d been just about perfect…well, minus the green stuff and a waitress who was a little more into the waiting ON us and less about the making us WAIT…

And that, is big news…because I am not a fan of sushi.  Well, not the few (very few) bites of it I’ve had in the past.

OH…and it was also a DATE NIGHT with Bart!  But he had nothing resembling sushi…he had a burger, of course!


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Boy Crazy, Cake Baker, LSU loving, LDS blogging Mama!
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