Fontenelle Forest, not for the faint at heart…{Omaha Summer Bucket List}

We went on an early morning adventure to Fontenelle Forest in Bellevue Friday.  We had free passes that expired on May 31, and that is the day we went.
I had never been, but knew there was a board walk, so I wasn’t too worried about muddy feet from all the rains…and I only brought one water bottle and no snacks, thinking we’d walk this one mile nature trail and be done.

Well….we did that, and went on a mini trail that wasn’t muddy at all!  So…we decided to hike to the river on some of the “real” trails.  It was pretty cool, but we kept our distance from the actual river as it was VERY slippery near the edge and that river was moving FAST!

On our way back, we decided to try more trails instead of heading back the way we came…and that, my dear friends, is where all hell broke loose.

First off, we’d been walking/playing around for at least an hour.  That one bottle of water was long gone.  The quick breakfasts the kids ate so we could get out of the house early had worn off.

I didn’t think it’d take too long to get back to base, where snacks and water were calling our names…and then…the trail we were taking…ENDED.  This brought to mind my motto I’d been working on getting the boys to embrace, “We can do HARD things.”  I had no idea this little nature walk would turn into a HARD thing.

Ethan starts crying.  Hysterically.  A few of his more memorable phrases,

  • “Mama, do you feel like dying?  Brennan said he feels like dying!  WE ARE GOING TO DIE!”
  • “We are going to have to build a new home here!  How do we build a house?”
  • “How will Daddy find us?”
  • “It’s so late!  We need to find our car.”  (For the record, it wasn’t even 10 a.m. yet)

So, I am laughing (on the inside) and trying to get the boys back down the steep hill we’d just hiked up…and trying to keep my black Converses clean (A girl has priorities).  I wish I’d made a video of Ethan during the initial freak out, but I needed to concentrate on helping the boys learn to walk down slippery slopes so that they would not fall.  I did make a video once we were back to safety on the board walk…it still captures the essences of poor Ethan’s scared, worried, hurt little mind.

So, if you are in the Omaha/Bellevue area, DO visit Fontenelle Forest…but be sure to bring more then one water bottle and be sure to check that no paths are blocked by fallen trees that are too big to go around.  Also, come with a contingency plan in case you have to live there forever, maybe bring a Swiss Army knife, paracord bracelet, and some MRE’s to help you until you are settled in enough to hunt for wild turkeys and other woodland creatures and foods.


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