Summer time is here! Downtown Omaha

I asked the boys what they wanted to do with their first “official” day off of school (Memorial Day didn’t count, we were too busy with a BBQ).  Brennan told me he wanted to go “downtown”…seems sort of weird, but whatever.

We had a great day…crammed about 3 days adventures into one.

If you are downtown and going over the Bob Kerry Bridge (really cool!), go check out the (free) Lewis and Clark Vistors Center…it’s small but the boys enjoyed seeing how the early settlers used the parts of a buffalo (water bottle bladder anyone?).  They also really enjoyed dressing up in the style of clothing Lewis and Clark wore while they were exploring.  It will only take you maybe ten minutes, but…it’s a nice cool place to catch your breath after the trip on the bridge and they have nice, clean bathrooms, too. 😉
Oh…and you know how there is just that teeny tiny parking lot by the bridge?  Well, this is the turn just before that and it has a LOT of parking…totally worth going.

Here’s what we did, in case you ever want to take some kids downtown:

  1. Bob Kerry Pedestrian Bridge…we only walked to the Iowa/Nebraska line and back to the Omaha side.
  2. Lewis and Clark Visitors Center
  3. lunch at Zios
  4. Omaha Children’s Museum
  5. ice cream at Phil and Walley’s
  6. candy from Hollywood Candy (NOT impressed!)
  7. lastly, the BIG slides at Gene Leahy Mall Park…the boys FLEW down them!

Here’s to a summer full of fun!


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