Field Day

May 2013 006 May 2013 020 May 2013 025I won’t lie…I don’t quite get the fun and excitement of field day.

You do lots of sports activities in small bursts on a really hot day, with no shade in sight.  You win or lose, but no one keeps track so there really is no down side to losing and you wonder why it’s even called a race if there are no winners or prizes.  The volunteers (such as myself) blow on whistles others have blown before you, but you are assured is clean b/c it was “dipped in alcohol”…but, the kids seem to love it, so I guess it is around to stay and I guess I will keep on volunteering to help out. 🙂

(Side note:  This year I got smart and brought a whistle from home.  Sure, it was shaped like an Oscar Meyer hot dog, but hey, I know only 5 people have put their mouths on it and all 5 of those people have kissed me on the lips at some point in time so I am okay with that.)

This year, I was actually going to work, instead of volunteer, but then I remembered something...these boys are little only a few years...Brennan only has two more years then he is on to Junior High.  I do not work a traditional job that pays good money so that I can be there for my boys…I can’t let the fact that I don’t love field day stop me from supporting my boys and their classmates/school.May 2013 004Because one day…there will be no more field days for me, my babies will be the ones taking the afternoon off of work so they can go and support their little ones as they run around mindlessly at field day…and all I will have are echoes of the laughter and happiness that my boys had all those years before.


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