We love reading!

I am so happy the boys love reading!
When I was little, my siblings and I would devour the books my grandmother would send us each month.  She owned a bookstore and always sent a box with treasures for us.  We read several series, plus classics, because of her….well, and because I seem to remember my dad arranging for the book mobile to come to our house from time to time one summer….man, my dad has SO MANY books…he has enough books to make his own bookstore.
Bart is also a big reader, as was his mom.
And now the boys love to read, too!  They love trips to the library, debating which books to get, which to leave behind.  They have mountains of books at home, too, but for some reason, trips to the library are fun for them, even with so much to choose from already.

Omaha Public Library has a decent collection of books, sure they could have *more*, but the boys are satisfied and always leave with full hands and big expectations.  I can’t wait for them to participate in the summer reading program again this year.  The boys read for one hour every afternoon, so they love to get rewarded for their reading.

Do your little ones love to read?


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2 Responses to We love reading!

  1. We love to read this, Jessica! Reading when you’re young pays off in spades. Have your boys been participating in/enjoying Summer Reading Program?

    Looks like your family has been taking advantage of summer. Let’s hope autumn doesn’t arrive too fast.

    P.S. For an even better selection, don’t forget that we can have books from other branches transferred to your preferred branch. Convenience AND variety!

    • Jess says:

      We are signed up for summer reading through the library…we need to log on b/c the boys have more then completed the requirements…they read for at least one hour every afternoon…plus whenever they are bored. 🙂

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