MS Walk, Omaha

MS Walk OmaWe didn’t walk this year…we worked as volunteers.  I wanted my kids to be behind the scenes and learn to appreciate all the work that goes into events to help people, like Bart, with MS.  I am so grateful I went into the National MS Office and volunteered.

Omaha MS WalkBrennan was a “photographer” and had a great time snapping tons of pictures…I have yet to see any (he is very particular about who gets to upload his pictures, I need to remember to have him do it soon…you’d think he was a professional photographer 😉 ).  He was able to walk all around and he met lots of people…he also wound up with lots of the “loot” from the sponsors, bags, chapstick, fliers, sunscreen, cups, and “the best water bottle in the world” (or so he says, I disagree…).  I am so proud of him for being so excited to capture the day.

MS Walk, OmahaNext year I hope to get a team together and raise funds…this year it was enough for me to just help.  It was hard to see all of those who have MS and had to use devices to help them with mobility…but…it was also uplifting.  Those who have MS at the walk and are less fortunate then Bart but were at the walk were happy…and excited…and surrounded by love.  I hope I can surround Bart with the love and happiness and support he needs as time goes on.  And I hope his support system of friends and family will help him with open arms.

MS Walk, long trail



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