Omaha Zoo


We went to the Omaha Zoo today, renewed our season pass…such a great investment, that $107 is.  To visit just one time, no IMAX included, would cost my family of 5 $60…two trips and it is more then paid for.  Considering we go to the zoo at least 6 times a year ($360), I think it is a steal of a deal!
We went with some friends who had little bitty girls and I just loved watching the boys, especially Brennan, interact with them.  It was so, so sweet…

Brennan pretty much pushed her all over the zoo…and the sweetest thing ever…when we were feeding the Koi fish, Brennan bent down and gave her some food to throw.  Well, she doesn’t get that concept yet (but B doesn’t know that).  She goes to eat it.  He gently says, “Oh, no.  We don’t eat the fish food, we throw it.  See?” as the threw it.  He was really watching out for her.  It was just adorable and I am still all melt-y hearted thinking about it.  😉

sweet brothersJackson offered to use some of his birthday money he still has left to pay for his brothers to get to ride the carousal.  Also a tender moment in the day.  Jackson is so kind and always looking out for his brothers.

***I have to tell you a funny story.  The two year old girl who was with us must just love or hate Jackson.  When we were in the aquarium, she made sure to tell him she wanted him to MOVE from where he was sitting…NOW.  And then Jackson, instead of giving in to this cute little girlie, argues back.  Oh, it was so funny to see a 7  yr old and a little bitty 2 yr old arguing.

Omaha zoo dinosaurs

The Omaha Zoo has a visiting attraction…Dinosaurs Alive!  It’s $3 for members, $4 for everyone else…worth it to go once and check out the really cool dinos as they make noises, move their heads/necks/tails, and stand tall and majestic in the forest at the zoo.  However, I think we will only check it out once.  None of the boys have ever been very big into dinosaurs, so while we all enjoyed it, our day would have been just as great without it.

April 2013 044

We look forward to lots more trips this summer and fall!  This trip was great.  I had already gotten my work hours for the week, so I was able to be 100% present with the boys (well, and my friends, lol).  No distractions from the darn phone!




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