My Summer Bucket List

Since today was a park play day, and by Thursday there could be more snow…I thought I’d help myself remember summer really is coming by posting my summer bucket list.  Brennan made one last year and it was so cute…I need to take a picture of it.  We did everything on his list.  We will have to see if we do everything on mine!

Today, at the park…first time to wear flip flops this year AND a new skirt from

And, with no further ado, I give you:  JESSICA’S SUMMER BUCKET LIST, in random order

  • Fremont Splash Station…at least 2 or 3 times.  The boys loved it last year.  Looks like Ethan might be free for one more year?!?
  • Swimming lessons for the boys…we are going to try out Omaha Public Schools lessons, since they are right down the street.  Oops, I totally forgot and missed the sign up date. 😦
  • Splash pads/parks…at least once a week
  • Go to the park after supper with friends (or just our family) and have a special dessert and play time.
  • Smores…I want to get a fire pit, but I want other things, too, so we will see if this happens.  I want the fire pit (and some outside chairs, lol) just for smores!
  • Joslyn Art Museum…starting soon, it is free admission!
  • Zoo Trips!  (See last post!)
  • Cook out at the park with friends.  Kris does this and it is so much fun.  We did it with her family once last year.
  • Go to the Lincoln Zoo.  Find other things to do in Lincoln that day…maybe finally get my boys together with Barb’s son.
  • Host an ice cream party…I already bought the bowls and plates!  (Great sale this winter at WM)
  • Host a sprinkler party.
  • Build marshmallow shooters with the boys.
  • Free morning movies at the local theaters.
  • FRO YO…man, I can’t wait!
  • Westroads Kids Club
  • attend at least 1 College World Series game (cheap seats of course, lolol)
  • Celebrate the Fourth of July BIG at Sandi’s house.
  • Attend the Home Run Derby.  Again.  WE loved it last year, esp. the fireworks on the field.
  • Go to King’s Pointe Resort (We’ve got our dates set and we can’t wait!!!)
  • Go camping…I hope this happens as we have the tent for it!
  • Join as many reading programs as we can.  The boys read for an hour each day, so they can easily earn those prizes and rewards, and develop a greater love of reading.
  • Me….attend Girls Camp as the Craft Leader!
  • Grow a garden (maybe just tomatoes?)
  • Teach Brennan to use the smaller lawn mower so he can cut the front yard.
  • Go downtown to the Gene Leahy Slides, the bridge, and the water fun by the river.
  • Attend other free events and festivals as we learn about them.
  • Teach the boys how to cook more meals and be responsible for preparing them, start to finish, for the family, including budgeting, shopping, etc.  I think this will be a lot of fun, and an important skill.
  • Work on writing skills and math skills with the boys.
  • Go to more undiscovered (to us) parks with Sandi and her boys.

I will try to come back and highlight the ones we do, including links to posts, to see how much of my big, big plans we actually do…should be a fun summer, that is for sure!


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