Time Out For Women, Kansas City

I’m not going to say a ton about TOFW, but I wanted to mention it because I really did love this event and wanted to record a few thoughts.

1.  If you ever have a chance to attend a Time Out For Women…DO IT!  I was so inspired…a few of the talks I felt like were meant just for me.  It was nice the way they had music intermixed with the speakers…and I loved that the performers (Hilary Weeks and Jenny Oaks Baker) shared messages of hope and inspiration as well as performing.  They were both so talented, too!

2.  Road trips with great girls are amazing.

3.  I am not a huge fan of hot tubs (too hot) but will “take one for the team” so I can hang out with amazing people.

4.  Sweet and Salty kettle corn popcorn might be the best snack invented.  Ever.  We *need* to get that stuff for girls camp.  No joke.

5.  I am so grateful to have a supportive and loving husband who not only supported me going, but also did an awesome job with the boys while I was away.  He let them stay up until…four a.m.  I am not kidding.  He said they slept until noon on Saturday…You think?  LOL.  The boys LOVED staying up that late, though Ethan is still on the cranky side because of it.  That’s okay, I’ll take a day of cranky to get a weekend of awesome.


So, that wraps it up…GO to TOFW if you ever get the chance.  If you go with a group, you split the cost of everything and it comes out to not be too expensive…so really, DO IT!  🙂  You’ll thank me later….unless you have sucky friends who make the trip a nightmare.  But…I can’t be held responsible for the group you get together to go.


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