Take Me Out To The Ball Game….

Ethan and I went to Werner Park to see the Stormchasers practice one last time before their season started.  They hosted Family Fun Fest and we enjoyed free popcorn and coke, play area with bounce houses and play structures, waffle ball, a petting zoo, and autograph tables.

We were joined by Carrie and her kids, then Missy/Logan/Blaine and Crissy/Kayden/Kylee.

Werner Park, Stormchasers
The thing that stands out the most in my mind is how COLD it was…the wind was not our friend. At all.
Luckily, we found a hat for both of us and gloves for me (ratty as they might have been) in the car.April 2013 011

The kids didn’t seem to mind the cold too much…there was too much FUN going on!

April 2013 010April 2013 003

 April 2013 016

Future ball players?  Time will tell….if so, Logan will for *sure* be playing for the green team and Kylee will be his cheerleader.  😉

Best part of the day?  Dance time!!!

Worst part of the day?  When the boys realized they weren’t going to see an actual baseball game, just practice…the boys were upset…oh, well…all the more reason to go to a game!


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One Response to Take Me Out To The Ball Game….

  1. CultFit says:

    First home game Friday night 🙂

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