Snow Days

Last week we had not one but TWO snow days.

Thursday was cold, windy, and grey

…but Friday…sunny and gorgeous.

So, after nap, time, when it had warmed up (use the term “warm” loosely here), we went SLEDDING!  We all had so much fun!

No one was injured and they went pretty high up the hill.

On our way home, we saw the SNOW PLOW turn on to OUR road!  YAY!  Let’s leave our house and go out to eat supper.  We’d all been locked inside since Wednesday night, so we were ready for an adventure.

The snow was so lovely, and Saturday was so “warm” that we played and played at home…building snow forts (ours are pretty lame, but the boys don’t mind) and playing on the “mountain” that popped up in the neighbors driveway (long story).  The boys used it as a jumping ground and Ethan kept saying they were at the X Games.  🙂

I am pretty sure this was very dangerous, so after Ethan jumped too far and almost hit his face on the ground, we stopped that and went sledding at the BIG HILL again…but this time, Bart came and all hell broke lose.


It was a gorgeous late afternoon, but the boys kept getting hurt…finally I said, “Enough is enough!” and we went home.

I used to really hate the snow, but with this being the second mild Nebraska in a row, I love the snow days, the snuggles with the boys, the hot cocoa, the pajama days, and movie nights.  It just seems so magically to watch the snow pile up and know it will all be gone in just a few short days (or weeks…).  I am so grateful to be able to have this experience with my family.  Even if I do still hate the cold with a fiery passion.  Too bad that fire doesn’t warm my toes.



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