Valentine’s Brunch Donut Display

Here’s a super fast and cute display to make for Valentine’s Day gifts, teacher appreciation gifts, a visiting teaching happy (for you LDS!), whatever.

It takes maybe 5 minutes prep and is easy to do…and cheap!
I will let the pictures explain…it’s kind of simple, but hey, they can’t all be huge time consumers, right?  This one is a sure winner every time!

Feb 2013 003Supplies needed:

  1. tin bucket or other cute stable “bowl”.  I got a silver tin bucket (with a blue ribbon, which if I wanted I’d cut off and replace with a red one) from Target’s dollar spot for a buck.
  2. floral foam.   I got this floral foam at the Dollar Tree and it has 4 “bricks” so I can make more if I want.
  3. that crinkly paper shred stuff.  Mine is from Dollar Tree.
  4. sucker sticks or cute paper straws.
  5. donut holes (or mini donuts).  I got a pack at WM for $2.50.  I wish I was closer to a Krispie Kreme.  They have cups of them for about a buck.
  6. a small handful of chocolate chips

Step one:  Shove the foam into the bucket…now, if I had wanted to spend a tiny bit more time/money, I could have bought a foam that fit correctly.  But, I like to see what Dollar Tree gives me and challenge myself.  In this case, the floral foam is *just* too big, so one good push and it was in there nice and tight!  You want it to be tight, so the treats don’t wiggle and fall.

When this is done, use the shredded paper to fill in the open spots and a little on the top…you will fill it in more later.Feb 2013 004Step two:  Melt a small handful of chocolate in the microwave for a few seconds.  This is the “glue” to hold the donuts onto the sticks.Feb 2013 005Just a little bit at the tip.Feb 2013 006Shove the sucker stick in about 1 inch.Feb 2013 008Let the chocolate “glue” dry for a little while…I let mine dry for ten minutes.  The glue is important or the donut might fall off the stick.
I bought the chocolate cake donut holes…they had a glaze on them you can see.  If you had bought regular donut holes or mini donuts, these would be cute to dip in chocolate and sprinkle with some festive sprinkles!

Finally, assembly:  Simply stick the donuts into the floral foam, sort of spacing them out so it looks nice.  Fill in with more shredded paper and BAM you are DONE…a cute edible treat to share or put on display.Feb 2013 015I am hosting a Valentine’s Day Brunch and will have 2 of these out among the other foods we will be serving.  I can’t wait…it’s fun, easy, inexpensive, and UNexpected.  I like those UNexpected little things.  (B/C when I think of baby donuts on a stick, all I think is AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME I NEED TO EAT SOME OF THOSE!)
I also plan on making these for my boys teachers…I need to find a bag that will cover this nicely.

And…this tutorial is part of an OMAHA BLOG HOP!

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6 Responses to Valentine’s Brunch Donut Display

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  5. Nicole says:

    That’s a really cute idea AND it’s so easy! Thanks Jess!

  6. Jen says:

    Adorable and easy! I am finally getting around to reading the blog posts from the hop! Glad to be a part of it with you.

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