Sunday Showcase: Spongebob Squarepants {Omaha cakes}

Jan. 2013 005

A Spongebob Squarepants cake, for my friend’s son’s birthday…I have to tell you, I was SO nervous to do this.  I don’t do “3-d” cakes well…however, Spongebob is well, a rectangle, so that wasn’t too hard.

I ran out of room on the board for his legs (they put candles there at the party so he looked like a rocket, lol)…so, relief there.

His arms turned out to be a lot easier then I thought they would.  During the night I had the inspiration to use my little tool that makes rope to make his arms.  Duh.  Then, for his fingers/hand, I used a tiny teddy bear cookie cutter, dipped in a LOT of shortening!  A little bit of manipulating and BAM!  I got hands!

So, I am still not a 3-d cake decorator…I am just not that creative and smart and talented with my hands, but Mr. G and his friends, my Jack included, LOVED the cake!  Jackson kept taking peaks at it in the fridge the night before.


Sandi, thanks for letting us crash your party and be party of Mr. G’s special day.


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