I did a Project 365 using Project Life in 2011…I thought I hated it towards the end (argh, another picture, where’s my camera?, oh, it is so much to deal with and organize after it is all said and done because it was a huge mess of literally over 10,000 pictures taken that year, oh such a headache!)

But…once I got it all together, I really loved it.  A lot.  And I was sad I did not continue in 2012.  I love to have a book of one year of pictures, one a day.  But then again, I am a picture junkie.

In 2012, I got a cell phone with internet…and *instagram*!!!  And this year, in 2013, I am doing Project 365 instagram style.  With the hashtag I add as I go (#jess2013project365), the pictures will never mixed up with the zillion other pictures I snap each day!  I can post it to instagram whenever I am able, and BAM…organization and ease of printing!  Plus, I can use other programs to do multiple pictures for one day in like ten seconds and they will all fit in that 1 3×3 inch box when they are printed.  Be still my photoshop-disabled heart.

Granted, my HTC phone does not take nearly as nice a picture as an Iphone, but…printed at 3×3 inches it won’t really make a huge difference (via foxgram or maybe someone else?  IDK, I already ordered from foxgram and like their stuff and they seem to have the cheapest shipping of what I’ve seen, minimum order of six prints at .25 cents each, so the price per print is pretty average as well).  And, I almost always have my phone with me on the go, where I don’t always have my camera.

So, here is to 2013, and capturing the memories that make each day…and…since I seem to have a tendency to do lots of self portraits with my phone, this might just be called the Year of Jessica.


About Jess

Boy Crazy, Cake Baker, LSU loving, LDS blogging Mama!
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