Because U Can

My good friend, Barb, was recently diagnosed with uterine cancer.  Pretty sucky….but, she’s got an outstanding group of support in her corner, rooting her on and cheering for her.  Even coming up with pretty snazzy tee shirt ideas (Barb’s Beavers….anyone?) and fund raising ones as well.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LADY! We love you!!!!

It’s hard when a loved one has cancer.   Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about my sweet mother in law, who passed away ten years ago from bile/pancreatic cancer.  I am so grateful for her loving sisters who did everything in their power to make sure that she was taken care of in her time of need.  I’ve been thinking about them a lot lately, too, and what they sacrificed (and gained) by serving so selflessly.

It’s what we do…take care of those in need.  Whether it is big, as Jane and Jeanie did for Ms. Glenda in bringing her into their homes to care for her when it became too much for her husband and son, or small, such as buying a tee that says something witty and slightly vulgar to support a friend or donating some bow ties, it’s what we do to show we love, to show we care, to show that we are united, even if we haven’t been exactly in the spot those suffering have been in.

Jesus knows our pains, our sorrows, our sins, our shortcomings.  He knows our spirit and what we want and need each day.   Sometimes, it’s hard to just give it all to Him and hope and pray for the best, but that is what we must do each day.  Put it at the feet of our loving Heavenly Father, do all we can, and know that is enough.

I hope I loved my mother in law enough.  I hope I was good enough to her when I had the chance and that I tried my hardest to be my best. I hope she knows how much I love her even now…how I wonder how she’d interact with the boys, how she’d be so proud of Bart being such a good dad.  I hope that I do not take my interactions with my friends and family for granted, but that I can learn and grow from each of them and bless their lives as they bless mine.I hope I do all I can to be a good child of God.  And I hope as I watch my friend struggle, I can be all she needs me to be, even if from afar.  And I hope if you are struggling, or need a friend, you know help is just a prayer away.



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