Blizzard! And not the kind from Dairy Queen, which happens to be my favorite…

December 2012 011 (4)It snowed, y’all! It snowed and it snowed and it snowed.

All afternoon long.

All night long.

And it left us with at least eight inches of the icy cold white stuff.

The boys are just besides themselves with excitement and have been playing in it as much as possible…and me, she who doesn’t really love the cold, even loves it, too.

It’s so pretty and clean, when it first falls down, covering the world in purity.  I always think of how fresh snow is like repentance, where your sins are forgiven and Christ remembers them no more.  Now, this idea of mine is ONLY for when the snow is white and pure and the snow plows have not dirty-ed it up and the kids have not stomped all through it and the grass isn’t showing in spots b/c the snow is melting.  Now, my idea is just for those few precious hours when all is white and pure and clean.  I love it.

And….surprising as it may sound, I am grateful for this snow before Christmas.  Because, if we can’t have the joy of being with our extended family for Christmas, we can at least have the joy of a WHITE Christmas.


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