Free Santa in Omaha

If you are looking for a FREE and AWESOME Santa in Omaha, NE, go to Mangelsen’s!
He was amazing!

December 2012 072

He took his time with each boy, there was zero line, and after he talked for a few minutes, he then posed for a picture.

December 2012 066

He also let me do one with all the boys.

Then, I had to get in on the action.

December 2012 086

Then, when Santa saw I had a husband there with me, BART got in on meeting him…it was funny, Santa was joking about Bart being off and on the nice and naughty lists…the boys were dying laughing.

free santa pictures in omaha

So, charge your camera batteries and get ready to go…he is only there at certain times, though…and if he is not at his station, that means he is walking around the store.

Find him at Mangelsen’s on Tuesday evenings from 4-8; Saturdays and Sundays from noon til 4. This is thru Dec. 23.
He is in the ornament area, and you will see it first thing, there is a red chair and it says “Santa’s Station” or something over the door.

Another fun place to go: Mulhall’s to see 2 reindeer and do lots of fun activities (all for free). They also have signs up all over that say “Photo Opt!” This is Ethan Claus and his two naughty reindeer. šŸ˜€

December 2012 050


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