Happy Thanksgiving…a week later

We went to Louisiana for Thanksgiving.

It was a great week full of family, friends, food, and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of traveling in the car.

We were able to spend the week with my brother, Jason, who lives in Maryland, as well as my parents.  Jason had to work every day from my parents house, which I am sure was no easy task with 5 children under foot, but he seemed to go with the flow pretty well, considering he only has fur babies who can be put in kennels when they get out of hand…we heard it is not kosher to do that to kids, so they roamed free.

Here are some things I learned during this trip:

  1. Conditioner is a girl’s best friend.  The first time I helped my nieces with bathtime, I did not use it in their hair.  BIG mistake.  It literally took me at least one half an hour to comb their wet rats nest into hair again.
  2. There really is such thing as eating out too much.
  3. Frozen pumpkin pie is a gift from God.
  4. We need to invest in car chargers for our video games.
  5. Don’t let the boys have the Lord of the Rings DVD set to watch on long car trips.
  6. Always double check the time it takes to get somewhere…I think the trip to LA, which I *thought* was a 14.5 hour trip with stops was actually a 1029848474 hour car trip.

So, now we are home and back into the swing of things…I think the worst part of any trip is having to unpack.  I haven’t quite done that…I’ve done more of a “rearranging what we brought and digging into bags when needed” sort of unpacking.  Hey, whatever works, right?




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