Sunday Showcase: Lorax Style

Megan did an outstanding job with Carson’s fourth birthday party.  I can hardly believe our little guys are FOUR!  (Well, Ethan turns four soon…).  They were JUST babies the other day!

So, I made Carson’s Lorax Birthday Cake.  Megan found a great cake and I made it fit our needs.  Megan made adorable Truffula trees and they were the perfect addition to the cupcakes.

The party was held in Omaha at the OPPD Arboretum.  Great outdoor location for a party.  And…it’s FREE!

Most of the kids ate the cake (lemon with raspberry filling and lemon buttercream) which surprised me.  I thought for sure they’d go for the cupcakes.  Oh, well…they weren’t wasted, so no biggie.



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