Giving Thanks: Weekend Wrap Up

This weekend I gave thanks that my husband makes a yummy gumbo, that if LSU had to lose to Alabama, at least Bama has a *really* good chance of being the National Champion again (Got to at least keep it in the SEC).

I gave thanks for my church, The Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  The people in the church aren’t perfect…trust me.  But, the church is true.  I believe I will be with my family forever, because Bart and I were sealed for time and all eternity in the temple…and because we are trying our hardest to be the kind of people Jesus and Heavenly Father want us to be.

So, today I am thankful that tomorrow is the elections (this was written just minutes before 11/6). We do not have caller I.D…..therefore every call is answered in fear. Will it be a moment of silence, then a rushed recording before a slower recording? Will it be a live person wanting to GET YOUR VOTE!?!?! I am grateful that the never ending phone calls will end tomorrow.


In other news, my BIG project is slowly shrinking from a mountain of shirts to applique to a mole hill of shirts (ha, ha).

In other, other news…we still have a LOT of Halloween candy left, which is good, because it means the boys didn’t eat ALL of the ten pounds (I kid you not) of candy.  It is bad, because I sneak a piece here and there.  Well, not SNEAK…it is a tax for taking them trick or treating.  It is a tax for sewing and hot gluing and spray painting their costumes.

And, finally, in other, other, other news…I got new shoes a few weeks ago.  I really like them.  I think b/c when I pasted the URL in to put the picture up and it already popped up, plus when I typed its name that popped up as well.  So, maybe I already shared them with you?  In that case…still didn’t buy LSU colored shoe laces yet…but…I am going to the mall Wednesday and can take a peek at Journey’s.


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