I want to talk about me!

This song always makes me giggle.  And a fitting way to introduce these random instagram pictures of…ME!

Millard West Craft Fair…rocking Frankenstein by Magnificent Treasures.

Bart wants another baby…me, IDK.  I know it is selfish, but until I get over this whole, “I only have boys (whom I adore) but want a girl”, I feel there is no way it is even an option.  Throw Bart’s MS into the mix and it is a huge bag crazy town worms.

Don’t hate me for being so fashion forward and awesome.  Or so dorky.  Whichever you feel is appropriate.

My new shoes…rocking hot pink laces for breast cancer awareness month.  Need to find some purple and gold ones at Journeys to help get the LSU tigers back into the game…because as we all know, fanwear is an important part of helping *your* team win

Before and after my haircut by Brandon at Turning Heads Salon.  I grew and grew my layers out so I could get a straight cut.  I really do like it…we will see if I keep it this way.  If so, I am going to go a little shorter.  It’s not an A line cut or anything like that.  It is straight.  I do not love the way those A line haircuts look when they are not perfectly styled.  So messy and like you chopped your own hair.  (I think that style is A line…do you know what I am talking about?)

Ethan and I attended a Princess birthday party.  We totally rocked those Disney princess crowns.


Well, I think that is enough talking about ME.  So, I want to talk about you?  How are YOU doing?  Take some pictures of yourself…it’s so fun and silly…who cares if your hair is funky or your makeup not perfect?  Record YOURSELF into the history books of your family.  🙂



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